Hello, my name is Lane Gregson. I live in Huntsville, Texas and I am a flint knapper. It all started when I was ten, and living with my grandparents. A friend of theirs came over one day and gave me an arrowhead he found in his yard. I was invited to dig for arrowheads in his yard anytime I wanted. Little did he know he had started me down the path to collecting and making of arrowheads that has now spanned thirty five years. I was instantly intrigued at making and ultimately using stone tools. I started simply by finding good lithic flakes in the Indian camps I hunted. I would take a nail and use it to shape out an arrowhead. Then tie it onto a wooden dowel rod and make an arrow. Crude, but a beginning. From there I started looking for books on artifacts and TV shows. There were few at the time. Most of my learning came from trial and error. The next step to learning was to watch a good flint knapper in action, get plenty of good rocks, and better tools. From there it just took time to practice and learn exactly how the rock will break.